How to Wash a Hat in the Dishwasher (7 Easy Steps)

Introduction: How to Wash a Hat in the Dishwasher

Hats are not only stylish accessories but also essential for keeping us protected from the weather. Regular washing is necessary to keep hats clean and presentable, whether these are a beloved baseball cap or a stylish sun hat. While washing by hand is a daily routine, cleaning hats in a dishwasher can be quick and easy. In this detailed article, we will discuss how to wash a hat in the dishwasher step-by-step.

STEP 1: Gathering Supplies

How to Wash a Hat in the Dishwasher

It is the first step of washing hats in a dishwasher. During this phase, gather all the necessary items and materials. Ensure that you have all the supplies before you begin a successful hat-cleaning process using the dishwasher method. The following items are needed:

Mild Detergent: It is a gentle soap or cleaning solution that is safe for use in delicate fabrics. Selecting a detergent that won’t damage the fabric of your hats is essential.

Suitable Hat: Select the hat you want to clean. Make sure the hat is compatible with dishwasher washing. Always check the product’s compatibility with this cleaning method by consulting the care label the manufacturer has provided.

Care Labels: These are labels or tags attached to the hat that offer cleaning instructions. They explain the proper methods for washing, drying, and storing the hat. Always check the care label to be sure you are using the suggested cleaning method.

STEP: 2 Preparing the Dishwasher

The following are the essential steps in preparing the dishwasher:

Cleaning the Interior: It is essential to check that the dishwasher interior is clean and clear of any residue or particles before you load the hats. It stops unwanted particles from attaching to your hats during the wash cycle.

Adjusting Racks for Hats: The racks in a dishwasher are typically designed for dishes, so they may need to be adjusted to accommodate hats. This may involve rearranging the racks to create enough space for the hats to be cleaned effectively.

STEP: 3 Loading the Hats

How to Wash a Hat in the Dishwasher

In this step, you have to load the hats. Here are some easy steps to take to clean effectively.

Proper Placement: Make sure to load the hats into the dishwasher in a way that allows for thorough cleaning. Avoid folding or crumpling them, as this can hinder the cleaning process.

Avoid Overcrowding: It’s essential to avoid dishwasher overcrowding. The hats are separated enough to allow proper water circulation and ensure that each hat receives a thorough cleaning.

Consider a Mesh Laundry Bag: Using a mesh laundry bag can be a helpful option for smaller or more delicate hats. This bag will contain the hats and prevent them from moving around too much during the wash cycle, reducing the chance of damage.

STEP: 4 Selecting the Wash Cycle

This step involves choosing the appropriate wash cycle settings on the dishwasher to ensure that the hats are cleaned effectively without causing any damage. The following steps are as follows:

Optimal Water Temperature: Depending on the material of your hats, you should choose a suitable water temperature. The recommendation is to use cooler water to prevent any potential shrinking or damage to delicate fabrics.

Choosing a Delicate Cycle: Normal, Heavy-duty and Delicate wash cycles are different options commonly available in dishwashers. Select the Delicate cycle to give your hats a thorough and gentle washing.

STEP: 5 Evaluating the Results

How to Wash a Hat in the Dishwasher

In this step, carefully check the hats after the wash cycle to ensure they are clean and free from any remaining stains or residue. The following are here to see the results or outcomes from washing:

Reviewing for Cleanliness: Check each hat to ensure that every hat is clean properly. Check for any remaining dirt, stains, or debris.

Addressing Remaining Stains: If you find any stubborn stains that were not completely removed during the wash cycle, you may need to take additional steps to address them. This could involve spot treating the stain with a gentle stain remover and blotting it carefully.

Avoid Harsh Scrubbing: It’s important to handle the hats gently during this process. Avoid harsh scrubbing or rubbing, as it can potentially damage the fabric.

STEP: 6 Drying and Reshaping Your Hats

Now, in this step, you have to choose the appropriate drying method and if necessary, reshape the hats to their original form. The following are as under:

Air Drying vs. Machine Drying: Decide whether you will air dry your hats or use a machine dryer. It is usually recommended to air dry because it is gentler on the fabric and maintains the shape of the hat. If you use a machine dryer, select a low setting to prevent potential damage.

Reshaping the Hat: You may need to take steps to fix your hat if the washing process causes it to lose its shape. Carefully reshape the hat to its original form while it is damp. Gently manipulate the fabric and brim until it regains its intended shape.

STEP: 7 Storing Your Cleaned Hats

Storing your cleaned hats is the final step of caring for hats after washing them. Proper storage helps maintain their shape, structure, and overall condition. Here are some steps for storing your cleaned hats.

Choose a Cool, Dry Place: Select a storage area that is free from moisture and away from direct sunlight.

Avoid Crushing or Folding: Store hats in a way that prevents them from being crushed or folded. It keeps their structure and shape maintained.

Use a Hat Box or Rack: A hat box or a designated rack for hats can provide a protective and organized storage solution. Ensure that the hat box or rack is clean and free from dust.

Avoid Hanging by Brims: Hanging hats by their brims can lead to distortion over time. Instead, consider hanging them by their bands or using specialized hat hooks.

Store Hats Separately: Avoid stacking hats on each other, especially if they have different shapes or brim sizes. Each hat should have its own space to prevent unnecessary pressure or deformation.

Additional Tips for Washing Hats in a Dishwasher

Here are some additional tips and considerations for washing hats in a dishwasher:

Use a Gentle Cycle: If your dishwasher has a specific setting for delicate items, consider using it. It can provide a gentler wash for your hats.

Check Hats Before Washing: Check your hats for any loose threads, buttons, or finishes that could get caught or damaged during the wash. Remove these or secure them before washing.

Avoid High Temperatures: Opt for cool or lukewarm water settings to prevent any potential shrinkage or damage to the fabric.

Skip the Machine Dryer: Air drying is often a safe option. Avoid using a machine dryer, especially if the hat material is delicate.

Test a Small Area: Before treating stains, test the stain remover on a small, unnoticed area of the hat to ensure it doesn’t cause any discoloration or damage.

With these additional tips and factors, you can ensure that your hats receive the best possible care and remain in excellent condition for years, especially when you follow how to wash a hat in the dishwasher in our guide.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Common Mistakes to Avoid refers to the errors or missteps often made in the process. Being aware of these mistakes can help you take steps and ensure that your hats are cleaned effectively without causing any damage. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when learning how to wash a hat in the dishwasher:

Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Stick to mild detergents and stain removers, as harsh chemicals can potentially damage the fabric.

Ignoring Care Labels: Neglecting to check the care label on the hat can lead to inappropriate cleaning methods. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning guidelines.

Overcrowding the Dishwasher: Loading too many hats at once can hinder cleaning. Ensure there is enough space for each cap to clean.

Ignoring Specific Hat Material Requirements: Different hat materials may have specific care needs. Pay attention to the requirements for your hat’s material.

Not Checking for Remaining Stains: After the wash, it is necessary to check the hat for any remaining stains or debris and address them accordingly.


Our guide on washing hats in a dishwasher covers from gathering supplies to storing the cleaned hats. This method offers a convenient and efficient way to keep your hats fresh and ready for use. Remember, it is crucial to check the care label of your hat to ensure its compatible with dishwasher washing. Delicate or valuable hats may require alternative cleaning methods. By following these steps and considering the tips provided, you can ensure your caps remain in excellent condition for years. So, next time you wonder how to wash a hat in the dishwasher, you will have a reliable guide.


Can I wash all types of hats in a dishwasher?

It is necessary to check the care label of your hat to ensure its compatible with dishwasher washing. Delicate or valuable hats may require alternative cleaning methods.

How often should I wash my hats in a dishwasher?

Wash your hats as needed. Avoid excessive washing, as it can lead to wear and tear.

What should I do if my hat has stubborn stains after the dishwasher wash?

Apply a gentle stain remover and carefully blot the stain. Avoid using harsh scrubbing, as it can damage the fabric.

Can I use any detergent for washing hats in a dishwasher?

Choose a gentle detergent that’s safe for delicate fabrics. Harsh detergents can cause damage.

Can I wash hats with a wide brim in the dishwasher?

Hats with wide brims may not fit well in the dishwasher and could be prone to deformation. It is recommended to hand wash hats with large brims.

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